About Us

Getting the required products in the shortest term and under the most convenient and risk free conditions to complete the production

The most important need of the businessmen who aim to carry out their operations in the most proper, most accurate and cost effective way without encountering any problems

At Garanti Celik, we operate to supply steel related needs of various industrial fields such as architectural, biotechnology, chemical, food & beverage, machine, medical, mining, offshore, oil &gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp & paper, semiconductor, shipbuilding & marine etc.

Doing business with GC means doing business with specialists who thoroughly know their products and application possibilities.

Our organization is constantly oriented towards total customer satisfaction and so, because of our high degree of professionalism we have been awarded contracts of increasing size which have, in turn, contributed towards the development of our company.

With our sophisticated quality system we avoid errors. First of all, we have a well defined purchasing procedure and a thorough supplier assessment system. Before any product is accepted by GC, it is submitted to stringent entry checks on dimensions, surface and chemical and mechanical properties. Delivering the perfect product is the key issue for us when preparing and shipping your orders.

A step towards in quality and quantity which ensures that the market is supplied with high reliable products to meet every individual requirement.



Providing products and services that enhance the quality of life with our expertise in Stainless Steel industry and to promote the process of economic and social progress of our community.


To be a globally recognized, leading Stainless Steel materials supplier company.

Our Values

We aim for the best

We are professionals

We aim to overachieve and we accomplish this goal

We support continuous development.

We generate value for our customers with our high quality products and services.

We listen to the voice of the customer.

We are reliable

We form open and honest relationships.

We keep our promises.

We adopt fair competition.